Data Protection

We are a computerised medical practice and the majority of your most recent medical records are kept on our secure computer system.

We are registered as a computer user with the Data Protection Register.

Access & Confidentiality

You have the legal right to see your medical records (with certain exceptions), to have a copy and to have inaccuracies of fact corrected. We may charge a fee for this process.

Your medical records are confidential, without your expressed consent, and unless we are required by law to do so, we will not divulge any details of your medical records to any person beyond the health professionals involved in your immediate medical care. You should, however, be aware that this will include members of our administrative staff who are bound by confidentiality.

In addition, certain details of your medical record are disclosed to the Health Authority and Primary Care Trust for the purposes of NHS administration.

You are entitled to refuse such disclosure, but you should be aware that doing so may prevent us from offering you certain medical services.

Freedom of Information

The freedom of Information Act 2000 obliges the practice to produce a Publication Scheme.

A Publication Scheme is a guide to the 'classes' of information the practice intends to routinely make available. A copy of our Publication Scheme is available by application in writing to:

The Practice Manager
Testvale Surgery
12 Salisbury Road
SO40 3PY

Please enclose a self addressed A5 size envelope with 61p postage paid for the return of the Publication Scheme. We cannot post the scheme to you without a properly addressed, postage paid envelope.

Subscription Terms


This agreement covers all of our subscription related email offerings as may be available from time to time as a service to our users.

If you do not agree with any part of these terms - do not subscribe. By subscribing you are agreeing to be bound by these terms. If you have any questions about your subscription please contact us (see below).

When the subscription contract is formed

When you click "Click to Subscribe..." to submit your subscription on-line, or you fax, post or telephone us with your details and ask to be subscribed, you are asking to take out a subscription.

A legally binding contract is formed on the date we send you, by email to the email address you provided in your request, written confirmation of your request.

You will receive this written confirmation immediately if requesting online or within 10 days if requesting by any other means.

We will not be responsible if you fail to receive the written confirmation because you have supplied us with an incorrect email address.

Right to refuse requests

We reserve the right not to accept or process your request for any reason. All requests are subject to validation checks. If we do not accept your request, or you fail to validate your email address the subscription will not start. We reserve the right not to accept subscription requests where:

  • the name and email address provided are inaccurate, contain profanities, could be deemed offensive, are not valid, show signs of machine generation or show any other indication of not being proper;
  • we believe that the request has not originated from a person who has the right to request information delivery to the address specified in the request.


We will send the information, in the form of an email, to the address you notify to us when you place your request.

The information is sent periodically and delivery frequency may vary depending on the publication and publication dates.

You agree that we will not be responsible for failure to deliver if you have supplied us with an incorrect address.

We will remove an address from our list if it shows repeated delivery failures.

Delivered Content

The information to which you are subscribing contains content derived from many sources.
Whilst we make every effort to ensure the accuracy and relevance of particular articles we do not:

  • Warrant or guarantee the accuracy of the data provided
  • Endorse or promote any product, company, entity or concept referred to in the data provided