If you want to be seen by a GP or Nurse in the evenings or weekends
There are now two services at which you can be seen by a GP or Nurse during "out of hours periods". 
1. Tri-Locality Care Limited Appointment Plus Service
There are two sites to choose from located at Testvale Surgery in Totton or Nightingale Surgery in Romsey.
2. Partnering Health Limited Appointment Plus Service 
There are three sites available to choose from located at Lymington Hospital, Ringwood and Winchester Badgers farm.
Please note that these are not walk-in services - you must book the service in advance, either through your GP Surgery or through 111.
Please note you may not be seen by your usual GP.

GP Extended Access Hub 

The service provides a range of pre-booked and on the day appointments with GP’s, Nurse Practitioners, Physiotherapist or Mental Health Practitioners.

The service offered by Tri-Locality Care Limited operates out of either Testvale Surgery or Nightingale Surgery.

The service offered by Partnering Health Limited operates out of either Lymington Hospital, Ringwood or Winchester Badgers Farm.


Access to Medical Records

Staff will use an IT system which allows access to the patient’s own records and this means that the doctor or nurse who sees the patient will be able to write directly back to the patients own GP record.

You must give your consent for this to occur, otherwise you cannot be seen at either location. 

Opening Times - Tri-Locality Care Limited 

Testvale Surgery

Monday: 6.30-22.30

Saturday: 08.00-17.00

Sunday: 13.00-17.00

Nightingale Surgery

Monday to Friday: 5.30-8.30pm

Saturday: 8.00am – 12.00 & 1.00pm – 5.00pm

Sunday: 8.00am – 11am

Lymington Hospital: Urgent Treatment Centre

Monday to Sunday: 08.00-21.00

Lymington Hospital: Extended Hours Services

Monday to Friday: 18.30-22.00

Saturday & Sunday: 08.00-22.00



Reception staff at Testvale Surgery are able to book directly into the service at either location, so if you need to be seen, please contact the reception team direct. Alternatively, the service can be booked via the 111 service.

GP Extended Access Hubs 

The Tri-Locality Care Limited services are located at either:

Testvale Surgery, 12 Salisbury Road, Totton, Southampton. SO40 3PY; or

Nightingale Surgery, Great Well Drive, Romsey, SO51 7QN

The Partnering Health Limited Service is located at: 

Lymington Hospital, Wellworthy Road, Lymington. SO41 8QD.

Important information

Please be aware that the clinician is unlikely to be someone from your GP practice. The clinician will have access to your full medical record in order to provide direct patient care in a safe environment.

You will be asked at the time of appointment booking to give your consent to allow the GP to see your GP record. If you are NOT happy for your record to be shared, unfortunately you will NOT be able to attend the Hub.