The Friends of Testvale Surgery was founded by a group of patients who wanted to do something practical to help towards the running of the surgery.  All registered patients are automatically members of FOTS.

A small group of volunteers run the Friends of Testvale Surgery and the group is always looking for new volunteers to help our important work. There is no membership fee to join, but people are asked to spare small amounts of time and work on projects or help to staff the Information and Resource Room.

New volunteers are always welcome to help fundraise, to support the flu vaccination days or by attending meetings or handing out leaflets. If you feel you might be able to help, please do get in touch by telephoning 02380 862 130.

Ken Rolfe, Chairman.

Friends of Testvale Surgery

The Friends of Testvale are looking for additional patient volunteers to support the work of the surgery and to ensure we can keep and even expand the opening hours of the Information Centre.

If you feel you might be able to help even for just an hour or two each month or if you know any other patients who might be able to then please contact Practice Manager, Renee Persone on 02380 662500 or via e-mail at for a discussion, to look round or for more details.

Information and Resource Centre
New Front Doors
Blood Pressure Machine

Friends of Testvale

The Friends of Testvale Surgery are a charitable organisation founded in 1994 that provide voluntary support to registered members of the surgery to alleviate sickness and preserve health among our patients.

Over the years, the Friends have been critical in:

  • Raising funds for the practice;
  • Supporting purchase of practice equipment to improve the care given to patients;
  • Running the Information Room service providing printed information from approved medical sites, leaflets and travel health advice;
  • Signposting to other health and social care services;
  • Providing transportation for practice patients;
  • Undertaking blood pressure and Body mass index monitoring;
  • Organising health educational displays;
  • Developing and delivering resources for Carers in ‘ Carer’s Corner’;
  • Linking with other charitable organisations.

Information & Resource Centre

The Information and Resource Centre is situated in the corner of the patients waiting area and is a hub of information for patients. The centre is supported entirely by volunteers who provide health and care information for patients and carers.

The Information centre also provides a number of important services, such as:

  • Travel vaccination support;
  • Automated Blood PressureMonitor;
  • Body Mass Index monitor; and
  • Information leaflets and poster campaigns;

Please pop in for a blood pressure and BMI check.

All information is kept regularly updated and as a member of the National Association of Patient Participation (NAPP) and also Community First (New Forest) the information is kept relevant for our patient population.

Equipment Purchased

The Friends of Testvale Surgery raise funds so that the Practice can purchase equipment and services which are considered to be over and above normal practice services. This helps the Doctors and Practice Nursing team to benefit the Patients more widely. Recent equipment purchased by FOTS includes:

  • New Automatic Front and Inner Doors
  • Blood Pressure Monitoring Unit
  • Scales and Height Measure
  • Body Mass Index Monitor
  • Touch Screen Booking in System
  • ECG Machine
  • Ultra-Sound Scanner
  • Linear Probe
  • Electric Couch
  • Heart start Machine
  • Spirometer
  • Resuscitation Doll
  • Polaroid Camera
  • Flotair Cushion
  • Cryojem and storage for Cryojem Liquid
  • Fetal Dopplers
  • Table for Vasectomy Clinic
  • Audio-Doppler
  • Toys in Reception Area
  • Diabetes Testers
  • Dopplers and Tympanic Thermometers
  • Jayex Visual Display Board

All of these items have directly benefited the patients of Testvale Surgery. The Friends have also recently received an extensive list from the Doctors and Nurses to purchase items to enhance the facilities at Testvale Surgery for the patients, which they have been able to support.

To get in touch with Friends of Testvale Surgery, the Information & Resource Centre, or to find out more about volunteering or joining the Friends, please telephone us direct on 02380 862 130 or e-mail