New Text Messaging Service

In August 2017, Testvale Surgery is launching a new text messaging service for patients.

To start the service roll out, patients will be sent a text message asking whether they wish to be included. Patients are able to opt out of the service if they choose to do so.

The service allows the practice to send appointment reminders to patients, as well as reminders to book appointments for important flu or shingles campaigns.

The service will allow patients to easily cancel an appointment by texting us back. This means that patients will not have to wait for telephones to be answered during busy periods.

The text messaging service is free to receive texts. Response texts are chargeable at a standard network message rate.

It will also enable the practice to be more efficient in offering more appointments to patients.

Currently, there are large numbers of patients who book but fail to attend their appointment. Last month:

  • 85 patients booked but did not attend to see a doctor; and
  • 205 patients booked but did not attend to see a nurse.

Sending text reminders will reduce these rates enabling the practice to see more patients who need to be seen.