Blood Pressure Recording and Monitoring Sheet

If the doctor has asked you to upload your latest Blood Pressure Readings, you can print off and use the recording sheet below.


Blood Pressure

Unfortunately, during the pandemic our waiting room is closed and so access to our automatic blood pressure machine is limited. If the doctor or nurse asks for blood pressure reading from you and you are able, you might wish to buy a BP machine from your local pharmacy for around £20. This is especially useful if you need to give us regular readings. The pharmacist will be happy to advise about the best type of machine for you.

Alternatively, you can visit your local pharmacy to get your blood pressure taken. The details for our local pharmacies offering this service are highlighted below:

  • AR Pharmacy are now offering BP checks and are charging a nominal fee to cover cost of PPE;
  • Forest Pharmacy at Bartley will take your blood pressure free of charge;
  • Lloyds Pharmacy will undertake a blood pressure check at a cost of around £10; and 
  • Pharmacy Direct will undertake the check free of charge for regular customers.